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What is Torrent? - Torrent is files sharing, downloading, uploading computer program. Now torrent available on Windows, Android, iOS and more less know platforms. All users can use torrent program on mobile phone(smartphone), tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Most popular torrent programs on desktop or laptop windows computers or tablet computers is uTorrent, uTorrent is most popular and absolutely free torrent program on laptop or desktop computer. uTorrent had two versions, free with advertises in program and paid uTorrent version without advertises, virus protection, uTorrent program offers best codecs for your HD movies downloads, better move files to your device function. uTorrent paid version just for 24.99$. uTorrent can download free version for Windows, from here, and paid uTorrent Plus version download from here
uTorrent on Android devices, smartphones or tablets here
Is antoher Torrent program, this program is less know than uTorrent, but this program is absolutely free and very similar as uTorrent.

Free BitTorrent on Windows devices here, Better BitTorrent Plus version with Virus protection, better codecs for HD movies, and convert movies function (very recommended for iPhone, Android, MP4 devices owners). BitTorrent had free version for Android devices, BitTorrent Android here
Apple do not allow use Torrent apps for iPhone, iPads, iPod, Mac decives, but is one app, absolutely free and works on not jailbreaked and jailbreaked Apple devices, this iOS app knows as "Transmission", Torrent Transmission can download from here
Transmission Apps can use on antoher devices, with less knows devices and platfroms. Now Torrent Transmission available on iOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, CentOS, Debian, Puppy, Arch Linux, Slackware, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Pardus, OpenBSD, NetBSD platforms.
Where i get .torrent files for files sharing? You must use free, free with register or free with invite registrater torrent server.
The one of biggest torrent files server online is The Pirate Bay. ThePirateBay have great torrent search, you can search Audio, MP3, WMA music tracks, Video, HD movies, Shows, Music clips, Games for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other platforms, Other, Documents and etc. ThePirateBay offer .torrent files for adults.
Torrent Slang
Leecher - Leecher is person which download file, later this person know as seeder(after download).
Peer - This person not have files or have parts of files, this person download and seeder in one time, but not just seeder.
Seeder - Seeder is person which had downloaded full file and this file share with other users.
Swarm - Person which share one torrent tracker files.
Torrent - Torrent often know as .torrent file, but Torrent word means all information inside .torrent file, torrent trackers URLs, HASH, File names, File sizes, secret MD5 codes.
Downloading - File downloads from antoher computer or server.
Uploading - File uploading from personal computer to another torrent users.
HASH  - Hash is coded information required for torrent servers work.

Attention! If you feel respect for music signer, movies actors, game or application programers, you must donate for them! All paid programs without advertises, works better than cracked applications, games, paid products have better updates, movies and music have better quality in paid versions.

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